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Keep your child safe on the field, from the convenience of your mobile device.


SPORT iD makes safety free & accessible!

SPORT iD is the free Player Safety app providing a universal check-in process that includes player verification, emergency contact, and medical information — for example, allergies, previous injuries, and existing conditions — to youth sports organizers allowing them to access the information in seconds in case of an emergency.


We are serious about player safety and as a result we want everyone to arm their coaches, trainers, organizers, and other parents with the most cumulative and up-to-date information as possible. Our app is free for parents and for sports organizations.



SPORT iD is a means to check their child into a practice, clinic, game or tournament and in doing so, unlock his or her health & safety profile to the event host.

  • Coaches can have a child’s most up-to-date health & safety information
  • No more writing down the same information over and over again to register & sign waivers
  • Update and send to a coach information straight from their phone



SPORT iD puts every player’s medical history, allergies, pre-existing conditions and emergency contact information in the palm of their hand.

  • Too often this information is on file in someone’s office and not on the field or court. SPORT iD allows Coaches to access vital information in an emergency in seconds
  • Manage communication from mobile devices
  • Improved response time during emergencies
  • Access to parent’s contact information



SPORT iD integrates with existing management systems, adding an extra layer of on demand health & safety data for event participants.

  • Access to every player’s completed waiver
  • Participation reports for insurance reporting
  • Manage field operations from mobile devices
  • Improved response time during emergencies
  • Paperless system
  • Free for application access



SPORT iD provides access to vital information not readily available at most facilities.

  • Log and report injuries and treatment
  • Improved Response time during emergencies
  • Access to local emergency services through app

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SPORT iD provides a universal system for parents to register their child for participation in athletic activities. Fill the information out once and send to coaches, leagues and tournaments


Upload proof of age into the app and rid your league of binders and copies of birth certificates


Upload your terms of service waiver and allow parents to register and sign waiver directly from their phone


Export participation rosters with one touch and send to insurance companies directly from app


SPORT iD is free for both parents and sports organizations


Have the vital information on participants available on site

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